Designer & Art Director based out of Louisville, Kentucky


A minimalistic style with a strong conceptual foundation.

I design with intention.  


Exploring Kyoto, Japan 2017

Exploring Kyoto, Japan 2017


Coming from a family full of healthcare professionals, my passion and eye for design came from left field in my gene pool. Because of this, I’m convinced I have these interests and skills for a reason and I feel compelled to design for good people and good causes.

I’m going on six years of professional experience, plus the four years of earning a degree in graphic design from The University of Louisville. I have spent the last five years working as an Art Director for an advertising agency in Louisville, Kentucky called Fieldtrip. 

I'm a hands on, collaborative designer who has a lot of passion for the "discovery" phase. I'm always exploring and learning new techniques and skills. When I'm not working, I'm most likely looking for cheap flights and planning my next adventure! 


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